Are you a prolific writer and/or mum who has all her ducks in a row? Congratulations, you are nothing like me!

Me? I’m a flailing mother of a tiny tyrant who rules our household with an iron fist. There’s not a domestic bone in my body, so keeping a tidy house is a continuous work in progress. (Not helped in the least by the toddler, nor the dog or cat!) When not chasing after my impish offspring or picking up the five billion toys from the floor for the fourth time that day, I try to do some writing.

I write romance.

Back in the day, I tried writing other things. But as my characters would inevitably fall in love with someone, I quickly gave up and realised that romance was my thing, and I haven’t looked back since. Currently, I have written two historical romances (regency) that I hope to edit and publish, and I’m working on a fantasy romance series as well.

On this blog, I will tell you about my writing and the journey towards (most likely) self-publication, the daily struggles of being a geriatric mum of a tiny tyrant when you suffer from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia, and quite possibly a lot of idle thoughts about nothing. Maybe cats.