Lockdown 2.0 — 2 Comments

  1. It’s crazy how back in March/April, I thought we had reached the peak, and expected that things would be back to normal by around June/July. Now look where we are in November! To be fair we’ve been really lucky in WA, so we’ve not had another lockdown. It’s just the strict border controls preventing travelling that affects us most.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like being stuck indoors with a tiny tyrant toddler (yay for alliteration!) every day. Glad you can still go outdoors and meet some people at least. I hear that vaccines are being produced now though, so I’m hoping life will return to normal soon… ish.

    It’s amazing how you can still write sweet happy romance when things are so dark. I’ve just been binging fanfics as you’ve read. XD

    • I think writing sweet, happy romances is how I cope *lol*

      I wish the weather was better. Lockdown was easier in spring/summer when we could be outdoors more. Now, it’s raining more often than not, so outside time is limited. I hope we’ll be allowed to see people indoors again soon, even if limited numbers. Just so we can get back to having playdates with our friends lol

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