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  1. I don’t play with my son nearly as much as I probably should. It is looking like he will be an only child and I will only have this time with him for such a small period, yet I just can’t make myself do it. In the evenings I just want to zone out on the computer and play games. I feel bad because I will still be able to do that in a few years when he no longer wants to play with me.

    I’m also no where near being a good house wife. I hate cleaning so I don’t do it nearly as often as I should. I’m a good cook, but I don’t have the gumption to cook anymore and would rather just eat a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I just let my son eat snacks for dinner because I really don’t want to cook.

    Now mind you, I don’t have any kind of disease or conditions that you have to deal with so I cannot understand that kind of stress on top of having a toddler. What I do know is you have a happy and healthy munchkin who adores you. Frankly to me, that is all that is important. Who cares if the laundry is folded or if the dishes are put away? Does the kid have clean clothes and dishes to eat off of? Then you succeed.

    Keep your head up momma! You’re killing it even if you don’t think you are.

    • Mine is likely to be an older child too. I think mum guilt is just the way mums work. I think we all have it to some extent. It’s one of the unavoidable things of life. Death, taxes, and mum guilt LOL
      Oh, I feel ya about the evenings! I should probably spend them tidying up and catching up on chores I didn’t manage during the day, but I rather just watch Netflix or write! There’s so little time to do the things I enjoy, that I want to take them when I can.

      I’m a useless housewife 😀 I keep joking that maybe that’s why we’re actually not married. LOL

      I think we’re quite similar. I hate cooking too. I’m not terrible at it, but I don’t enjoy it and I find myself just cooking the same old things because I have zero inspiration. I want to win the lottery and just hire a cook and a cleaner… is it really too much to ask?

      Thank you for your kind words. I know I’m not really the worst mum ever, it’s just some days it all hits me. As I suspect it does most mums. The state of the world isn’t helping my frame of mind either at the moment.

  2. I don’t have chronic fatigue and I feel the same way you do most days! I do currently have De Quervains though, so my wrist gets incredibly painful if I have to move or carry my little bub around. It means that most of the day I’m just leaving him on the floor on his own, instead of giving him all the attention and interaction that babies enjoy. On the weekends, the hubby is so good at carrying the baby around and playing with him, it makes me feel so inadequate. At the end of the day though, I think whatever we do, we’ll always feel guilty for not doing more and not being that ‘perfect’ mum which may or may not even exist. I even feel guilty for not hitting the gym and getting a bikini body like all the Instagram mums out there. 😂
    From an outsider’s perspective though, you have an adorable tiny tyrant who looks like she’s always having heaps of fun, so to me you’re hitting all the mums goals already. It’s also crazy how you’re finding the time and energy to write so much!

    • I think you’re right; I think every mum feels like she should be doing more. But in the end, we can all only do our best. Think back a hundred years or so, the kids were basically left with a nurse, so at least we’re looking after them, I guess? LOL And Instagram mums can go diaf! LOL Setting the expectations way too high for the rest of us mortals. And ouch, the painful wrist sounds awful. I hope that will improve soon! My little one quite enjoyed being carried around in a sling, but you can’t really do that all day. And I imagine with a painful wrist getting a wriggling baby into one isn’t easy either LOL I felt guilty for not letting mine lie on the floor often enough instead (she kinda hated it for any more than 10 minutes) and worried about all that “tummy time” they’re supposed to have. Guess what? Her neck and muscles all developed fine anyway! I think sometimes we just get caught up in all the “you should do this” and “you should do that”. Somehow the little monsters thrive anyway 😀

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